The company is in the process of adaptation to the Normative for Spin-off Companies Founding of the University of Extremadura, associted to the Power Electrical and Electronic Systems R+D Group


Smart Energy Products and Services  

Helping you to Change your Energy Needs

Energy Analysis

SENERGYPS can analyze and monitor your energy consumption profile, with power disagregation of processes and machines, characterizing their power requirements and defining strategies for saving energy, decreasing the electric bill and optimizing the energy usage.

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Energy Control

SENERGYPS is focused on developing products and systems for controlling the Electrical Energy, covering applications as Electrical Energy Generation by using Renewable Energies, Energy Storage, Energy Monitoring, Energy Management, Demand Response Control or Electric Transport.

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Power Electronics

SENERGYPS supplies horizontal products for Energy Applications based on Power and Control Electronics that are available for others companies to produce their own products.
SENERGYPS also offers a customize service for producing Electronics solutions under request.

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